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matter over mind

What if there was a place where intelligence would live for ever. Minds would go nuts, they would suffer, find out truths that are to big for their comprehension.

For those who cant stand that place any longer death becomes desirable. Maybe death isn't the right word, just an escape from memories would be perfect, preferably have em deleted permanently.

I read gossip(lets call it that) that in the ancient knowledge of the necromancers "the knowledge of knowing to much" is a most worthy reality. We can all imagine how bad life can turn out.

But there is a place in a galaxy far far away where small spirits can be captured by natural biological phenomenon and lead a life as if they never had one before. In this place there is a disease called old age, everyone dies from it, it's socially accepted. Finally a place to put their heads to rest. It may not be permanent, but no-one has ever seen anyone return from planet earth.

Now I'm sorry but I've changed my mind, I don't want to die on this silly planet. I know you will hate me for eternity but I cant accept the lie of the disease called age. My memory may have left me, it still sounds preposterous!

100 years from now it's entirely irrelevant what you think of it today. People won't quote your lust to die, you will just be forgotten like Joe and Jack. The relevance of your opinion doesn't expire over time it's already relevant today. That's unless you prove willing to back it up indefinitely.