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disliking the metric system

I've come to dislike the metric system, it's far superior to measuring things in rocks, foot, fingers or gardens but it's still not useful. We should eliminate symbolism where we can.

Imagine this:


24 kV

100 A

2400 kW

a potential of 24 000 Volt times a flow of 100 Ampere equals an energy of 2 400 000 Watt

So that it becomes a story. This is just an example. It shows that a recognizable color code can be deployed and it shows the use of bold text. What illustration of colors should be used I leave to the imagination of the reader.

The idea is from chess where the annotation of the master would be to complicated even for experienced players. This for example..


is really fun! But from most perspectives it doesn't mean anything. It's fun to see the symbols in those ancient pyramids, but we don't have a clue what it means. We just cant make sense of it.

We should appreciate how people think things are what they look like. We can make science much more handsome as it is today. Read it like "much more attractive looking".

Of course the approach described is less professional and it creates a lot of extra work for both author and reader. Still I think the professional can learn to read between the lines much more efficient as the new-b can learn to absorb the full annotation gibberish jargon scribblings. They will most probably never understand it.

A good paper doesn't need a conclusion, it should be obvious to the layman. It doesn't make it unreadable. Hydrogen with 2 Oxygen

Blogging also showed it to me, you just cant float off into professional jargon if you wish to be understood. It defeated the purpose. Also known from organising the internet is that meta data (the data about the data) is more important as the data it self. If google cant figure out anything about the page it cant put it with any search results. (for example text on images)

It means that it's more helpful if you document something small as it is to not-document something revolutionary.

Visiting a website you expect to be able to start reading and start understanding it, if we can shape science in such a way that one can start learning from any point it would be infinitely more accessible which makes it more presentable which in it's turn makes it more discussable.

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