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John V. Milewski - Apparatus for energizing water

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The apparatus for making this water is very simple. It consists of using an empty cylinder shape container, like a large oatmeal container, that is about 5 inches in diameter. At the center, an 8-inch long length of a 3-inch diameter mailing tube is placed. In the space between the inner walls of the 5-inch diameter can and the 3-inch diameter mailing tube, the black magnetite sand is poured. This makes a cylinder of magnetite about 1 inch thick surrounding the 3-inch diameter hole in the center. Into this hole a standard bottle of spring water is placed that is about 710 ml in size - this is about one-pint of water. It fits in very nicely. You put together a minimum of five of these units and allow the process to proceed. Then after five days, you take one bottle out everyday and drink the water and replace it with another. The apparatus for making this water. This gives the water 5 days in these units for magnetic activation. The units should be placed at least 6 inches apart to get maximum concentration of the Earth's magnetic fields.
ORMUS IS A GAS by John V. Milewski

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