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Viktor Schauberger: Implosion Technology

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Central to any understanding of Schauberger's levitating force is his use of the cycloid-space-curve. This he used to generate a dual flow of fluid through a pipe - of an inner axial flow which moved faster through the pipe than did its peripheral flow which was especially directed into a cycloid path (see fig. 2). In this flow-separation lay the secret of the inducement of what Schauberger referred to as implosion - a force opposite to but many more times more powerful than ex-plosion. This unique force though was merely one stage in a whole cycle of transitions resulting in a thermo-electric process that transformed ordinary air, water, or sea-water into a super-biomagneto-kinetic force.
Viktor Schauberger: Implosion Technology
Schauberger could be called the father of implosion technology. The implosion principle is of course diametrically opposite to what today's explosion oriented technology utilises. Implosion has to do with a self sustaining vortex flow of any liquid or gaseous medium, which has a concentrating, ordering effect and which decreases the temperature of the medium, in opposition to the dictates of 'modern' thermodynamics.
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