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GabydeWilde - vortex engine

This vortex engine is a closed cone filled with a fluid or gas. The cone is rotated so that the content of the inner area moves downwards against the walls. The pressure in the corners rises and is derived and sustained by a track around the inner area. As this track spirals inwards the speed of rotation will increase. The vacuum at the top is supplied with new substance Which is pushed down against the walls again. This is the outer cone.

This is the inner cone.

And this is the spiral track separating the both (and holding the inner one in place).

When using air or watter of the right temperature the vortex will sustain it self by cooling and heating the substance. heat with compression and cool with vacuum.

Sounds good? No? Lets walk true it again..

Here we have a rotating medium, Force F1 is the rotation we apply, F2 represents the centrifugal force or angular momentum. I have drastically simplified things. The above is all that matters.

But what if we shape our medium in a concaved container? For example anti clockwise like above (no it's not what you think)

So from F1 we get F2 and our concave creates F3. More speed means more momentum and F2 goes up some more F3 follows's already pretty weird.

Of course we end up with far to much rotating mass at the edge of our container. But when it's spiraled inwards it will accelerate like moving your arms inwards when making a pirouette.

So first it accelerates, then it accelerates from the acceleration, then it accelerates while we rewind the apparatus. To make it even worse, the effects increase each other longitudinally.

gabydewilde - vortex engine

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