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PI = 20612 / 6561

π isn't an infinite string, 1/10 is just a crappy scale. Pi is a very simple number:

π = 20612 / 6561

The fact 6 561 is the square of 81 leads us to:

π = 20612 / 81²

This also looks hip:

π / 4 = 5153 / 81²

Fun about this is that we can square the circle and see it has a 3 dimensional pseudo shape. Clearly this means 20612 is a ratio represented by this dimension. Something like universe 612 out of session 2.

We should question why 6561 is such elegant number while 20612 is not. It at least appears not to be as elegant, that could be a clue.

But of course we have progressed ۝۞

First of all I've created a context where even I have a hard time seeing anything. It feels much like having no thoughts about it. It may even look like it's not worth a second look.

6561 is not just the x-product of 81 but when we square 9 it also makes 81 just like 3*3 = 9 that's clearly where it stops making sense in our system.

3*3 = 9
9*9 = 81
81*81 = 6561

π = 20612/6561

To create further context we shall look at this scale of 9 compared to the 12 hour clock in relation to the 360 degrees:

360 / 12 = 30
360 / 9 = 40

This while 180 degrees could be accurately noted as:

10 306 / 6561

and 90 degrees

5153 / 6561

When we use a scale of 6561 (rather then 10) it becomes evident that beautiful numbers go beyond recognition. 100 km/h doesn't look like 27.7777778 m/s

The ratio π is used to calculate the "length" of the circle. But if we turn it around so that we can calculate the radius out of that boundary.

π = 20612/6561


diameter = 10

10 X pi = 10 X 20612/6561 = 206120/6561

I did not need a calculator for this and the result is a beautiful number and most probably more detailed as: 31.4159427 which makes me question "31.4159427 of what??".

(as promised) To do it the other way around we need 1/π

Noted like this:

1/ (6561/20612) = 1/π

shows us that the numbers can be swapped as normal:

6561/20612 = 1/π

I do know it sounds like nonsense, maybe it is. Thinking in a context is a skill on it's own, if you fail to see the use I can assure you that it results in a trained mind. I'm not trying to explain something but actually trying to figure something out. So far I didn't find the reason to stop looking.

The fact I do not know what I'm looking for makes it all the more interesting as an exercise.

If you really need a question to explore your thinking of it:

Why would 6561 be such elegant number while 20612 is not?

What should 20612 mean to me?

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