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Gennady Shipov Reactionless Drive

In this 20-second follow-up clip, Dr. Gennady Shipov elaborates on the concept of a "Universal Propulsion System" by demonstrating a device created by Russian engineer Vladimir Tolchin in a variety of mediums. The drive demonstrates thrust in a pendulum experiment, on a low-friction roller, and in a water environment...

Shipov writes, "This additional video clip consists of three parts: The first part shows a small inertial propulsor which is placed inside of a toy boat. The energy source is an electric capacitor. To exclude forces of friction, the boat is suspended on strings and slung beneath a rolling carriage. The carriage sits above on horizontal rails.

This experiment was proposed by a former pupil of Luis De Broglie, the French physicist J.P. Vigier at our meeting in San Francisco in 2000. Vigier noted that if the carriage moves, then it's necessary to rewrite the textbooks on basic mechanics. As it is possible to see from film the carriage does indeed move.

In the second part the boat is placed directly on the on the carriage, which movies forward in a horizontal plane, and in the third part the boat goes on water. Thus, we have universal inertial propulsion which can be used in space, in air space, on a surface of the Earth, on water, and under water."

Shipov Reactionless Drive Part 2

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