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Gaspare Malinverno - gravity engine

I have machine translated the page describing the invenzione di Gaspare Malinverno. There is a video on the website if this makes you panic.
Not e' that NEWTON just has mistaken itself: however the laws he enunciated cannot
to define dynamics, only statics, because if to every action an equal reaction corresponds and contrary, these are cancelled to vicissitude.

It supports Caspar Malinverno, Clarense, 45 years, a passion for the physics been born with its adolescence and never sopita although it has only completed humanistic studies, for which moreover e' never not felt a lot attracted.

"they have been expelled from the Salesiani for slackness, confesses, from the seminary for ottusità, the Franciscans for humility lack. From the Skillful ones e' be instead expelled, it says, for "grafomania".

The acchito motivation of first seems a singular Pò then, after a sure one begins them reticenza, admits between imbarazzato and the amused one that every a lot appealed to to it to write on that called registry class newspaper, being imitated the handwriting of this or of that teaching.

Whichever did not write things: "I had expressed concepts for the school of the time could seem obscene".

Fuor of metaphor: it was be a matter of detailed anatomical descriptions of some university professors; glutei or giù' of lì,” and also a po' più' on me I was taken not with those pretty ones, but with those borings, than they even had to seat to pear of Verona.
Malinverno, we ask, she thinks a founder to it?
"Absolutely not, I am a fan of physics.
Not e' that traditional physics goes thrown to sea; it only goes integrated and interpreted, at least in some enunciations.

We arrive thus to real “physics or experiences them ".
For this purpose it has planned and realized one machine: "I had studied it in the first place as interscambio between kinetic energy and an energy it upgrades them, like one new shape of writing that developed energy: this happens alone if the machine is in interaction or interscambio.

To an impulse magnetic electrical worker or, as an example, a gravity force can interact.
This machine does not contain motors of no type, develops mechanical “force pure ".
It would be in a position to realizing the perpetual motion, we ask.

"I they said that, allowing it the mechanical structures, può' to arrive itself also to this.
It could be the first concept of motor that can go on other planets, inasmuch as Earth works on a called planet.
Generatore di energia elettrica con moto perpetuo invenzione di Gaspare Malinverno

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