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Energy from magnets

.....If you take a magnet and move another magnet towards the first, opposites attract, and then before they can touch, the first magnet rotates 180 degrees. Barely "dodging" the second magnet. After a brief energy loss, the 2 magnets are now pushing against each other, same poles repel, and the first magnet is now oriented to "affect" the next magnet in a rotating cycle. Which, obviously, is reversed polarity from second magnet. It seems to be an efficient cycle. Everything was easy to understand and common sense tells us "forces" are at work. My first drawing of this was February 11, 2005. This looked very appealing on paper. That, in itself, appeared to be no extraordinary discovery. It was a simple concept that made a pretty picture. Surely this has been observed before. This would seem to be "common knowledge". So I began many searches about magnets, and different configurations where my idea was documented with possible results obtained. Still I was only tickling myself with the conception of Perpetual Energy. After a brief inability to find this simple principle in action, I decided to go a step farther. Why not? I have some time and the power of "AUTOcad" at my disposal. This suddenly became much more interesting!.....
Jan P. Cack's extraordinary perpetual energy discovery - Moving Simulation

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