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GIT Theory by David E.Cowlishaw

The GIT works because matter "has" inertia; in fact, the most common definition of inertia IS mass, as a mathmatic equivalent, and describes the characteristic "reluctance" of mass to be accelerated. Reluctance is an electronics term, similar to resistance, except it's a conservative term, in that the energy going into it is saved as an increased velocity, and not burned off as heat. Some of our more colorful researchers like "obstinance" to distinguish it from electronics, and I kinda like that term myself! (it describes my personality! ;) Mass has two separate inertial characteristics in this universe (that we know of), and that is the forward inertial component, (reluctance to be accelerated forward in space), and the angular inertial component (reluctance to spin accelerations about it's center of mass). Conservation laws currently state that linear and angular momentum are conservative and, as such, are forever separate, and NOT able to be exchanged, one for the other. The current motion physics theory is wrong!
GIT Theory by David E.Cowlishaw
This concept released 4 May 1997 in Public release document gitworks.htm by Inventor David Eugene Cowlishaw
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