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Today we are going to reversengineer the doctrine of the dictionary. And of course unmake it in the processes.

A great example to work with would be the word Prophecy.

In stead of explaining it's meaning we first have to unmeaning it a little.

  • An inspired utterance of a prophet, viewed as a revelation of divine will.
This isn't really restricted to prophets. Anyone can make them of all kinds of qualitys.

  • A prediction of the future, made under divine inspiration.
Prophecy's may arise from the passed the future other dimensions or even from a can.

  • Such an inspired message or prediction transmitted orally or in writing.
This explains that stories are transmitted orally. This of course goes for all descriptions of things.

  • The vocation or condition of a prophet.
This is the same as above.

  • A prediction.
How can it be just that? "a prediction", there is a serious lack of the word "vision" in this text. I would imagine there is a vision followed by a prophecy or a direct prophecy/vision hybrid situation.

Armed with this new insight we can dive into the deeper meaning of a prophecy, it's not what you think you should be able to keep your sanity true out the duration of the article. After that it's up to you.

We take a situation, we call it situation A. In A there are millions of options we shall refer to as X and millions of possible outcomes Y. While in A option 5 looks like it will give the best outcome. But really, all we know is that there are millions of options in both X and Y. It may look good but it doesn't have to mean that was the best choice - situation B. There are enough examples of "real world" situations one can not calculate the outcome of. In A you simply lack the time or resources to trial all options.

This is where the prophecy comes in: As you are now blindly hacking your way true X looking for a good Y knowing you will never find B.

Now any hint or suggestion has a positive result. Even when you think it's most probably nothing but it's the job of a scientist to collect all data. If you collect all but one part you are never going to build the entire thing. It doesn't even sound good. lol

It may be enough to fire the inspiration to run just that one extra cycle. Even the placebo effect works, it works so well there is no placebo effect - guessing is a skill, people make a living off it.

In hard fact when trying something random the guess appears to be a well developed skill in most people and that would be exactly what you are using at that time.

So, look at a prophecy it as a major guess. It doesn't mean you've guessed wrong by definition. This is the only way to bring-forward a valid posibilty out of tomanny. The thought needs to be entertained literally.

The dictionary is full of stars!

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