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taxing the poor again

Boulder has long championed the cause of eco-friendly living, but now the city's taking it to a new level. The message is, if you don't conserve, it will cost you. Starting this year, the more water and energy used in Boulder, the more the bill. Boulder will be the first place in the country to tax residents based on the amount of electricity they use.Van Pelt said the tax dollars will go toward education to make people more aware of renewable energy and energy efficiency products.

"People shouldn't have to go over their budget by our calculations," Jennifer Bray of Boulder Public Works said.

However, those that do use more will pay more. - Boulder To Charge For Energy, Water By Usage
Maynes said the poorest residents spend a disproportionate share of their income on energy costs -- 13.7 per cent compared to 3.9 per cent for an average Ontario household.
London Free Press - City & Region - Energy project geared to help cut hydro bills

Thats one shitty calculation Jennifer

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