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Energy propulsion and antigravity from sound waves

Working with a plastic shredder I complained about the noise, as it was a nice constant wave I suggested anti sound no one takes suggestions seriously so it was more like a joke. The guy said they had that but it was turned off. I asked him why but he wouldn't tell me why. I asked him again , he became a very strange college after that, he just struck me as very weird acting, a bit paranoia. I could not help my curiosity so I asked some one else if the anti sound they use to use worked, he said it worked but (here it comes) the engine of the shredder kept burning out from it. I suspected it was on the same circuit so I never paid much attention to it.

Now I was looking at my inertial propulsion theory the longitudinal force expressed by an unbalanced wheel is much like milcovic's pendulum oscillator. Momentum is generated with very little losses and at least appears to present less drain on the energy supply as it generates motion.[video] I came to play with the thought of making the rotating mass super small so that the device doesn't bounce up and down rather vibrates slightly.

It fit like a glove with the anti-sound "problem", and it fit perfectly with stonehenge, the pyramids, sphinks, coral castle and most probably many other silly size building blocks.

Besides from the amazing ability to create gravitational forces inside just about any material it also explains how gravity works. It's frequency should be measurable and reproducible. It's the cause of the oscillation of the particles in their natural vortex. But what causes the gravity wave remains a mystery for now.

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