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Fractionalreserve banking

Fractional-reserve banking refers to the common banking practice of issuing more money than the bank holds as reserves. Banks in modern economies typically loan their customers many times the sum of all deposits they hold.
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This is done on a ratio of 1:10. Each 10$ deposit allows them to lend out 100$. Sounds fair?

When the US national reserve bank was created the US government invested 2 million dollars. The remaining 8 millions (of this risk free investment) where paid-for by private (anonymous) stock holders. The bank financing the remaining 8 million generated this money straight out of HALF the initial government investment. They had 2 million in deposits so they could lend out 20 million BY LAW. They only needed 10.....

This obviously means they got to own the American economy for free! At no charge! They make 90% profit on all deposits. The most wonderful part of this formula is that when a war starts or hell breaks loose they will earn explosive amounts of interest.

The devaluation is entirely beneficial. They encourage this by controlling the amount of money we can borrow. There is no business cycle in our economy, it's their financial rollercoaster allowing them to earn hundreds of billions on projects like Iraq, Vietnam, Korea or the WTC. If you know what is happening you own the money. If you own the money you control what is happening.

All wars over the passed 5000 years can be directly connected up to big money. The reason for the US civil war was the English banking vaciuum. War causes huge debt, debt is always good for bankers. All wars true out our entire history are won by bankers, it's not hard to find out who earned what, when and where.

Genocide is just a cosmetic downside.

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