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Scalar science

One of the purposes of science is to provide order from the chaos of our sense-experience. This is very difficult because the same brain that experiences the chaos has to make up theories that try to make sense. Physics, in particular, is (and always has been) in a state of evolution. Its basis cannot be distilled from experience by inductive methods and its truth content can only be verified by human consciousness. In 1927 the physical universe was described by Arthur Webster as consisting only of x, y, z, and time. Underlying this description were a myriad of philosophical assumptions.1 Thus, the foundation of mathematical physics is philosophical in nature. Science is concerned with the analysis of parts-assumed to be independent of the whole. Recent advances in science refute this assumption. We are coming back to Newtonian "action at a distance" ideas, but from a different and more sophisticated point of view. Interconnectedness now appears to be a more viable viewpoint than ever before. However, interconnective forces seem to be subtle and not subject to measurement by conventional devices and techniques. Bohm2 called the interconnective force the "quantum potential."

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