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mangento vortex

In 1987 Newman had his generator operating as the engine of a car built on a Porsche chassis. Started by a battery the car ran without any input of fuel. However, the American Patent Office refused to grant him a patent for his invention on the grounds that it was, to all intents and purposes, a perpetual motion machine. Consequently the commercial development of his engine was effectively blocked. When Trombly attempted to patent his uni polar generator, the U.S. Patent Office turned him down on similar grounds. Nonetheless, the U.S. Defense authorities took a court order against him and threatened him with a 10 years imprisonment for infringing secret government research into uni-polar generators. Similar obstacles happened to Schauberger vortex turbines. After W.W.II the Allies thoroughly discouraged him by putting him in protective custody, and destroying his apparatus and papers. The American authorities forbade him to resume his research under threat of re-arrest. The British authorities treated Searl in much the same way. Other similar experiments have been opposed, ignored or ridiculed by the university establishments. If being labeled as a pseudo-scientist did not stop further research, prosecution and "accidents" in the lab did the job.

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