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Entry for April 23, 2005
I always get pissed after looking at yahoo services. It's always the same thing. I LOOK FOR 20 MIN ONLY TO NEVER FIND THE >>US ONLY<< DISCLAIMER.

> enable moblging for foreigners,

You found that the providers in that list look USA only? It's a crap description from here. Let's skip to: "you have no right to complain it's free, you should just go away"

So we move to Yahoo local, ohh! don't we have the same drill here? After reading 10 000 words I still don't know when yahoo local will be available here. For all yahoo cares the rest of the world doesn't exist ah? I get a foot size banner on the "personal page" SHARE LOCAL REVIEWS but were is the disclaimer? When can I remove this banner with useless info? If ever, when will the local stuff get here? Ah so I should look at this banner for the rest of my yahoo 360 day's? That means all non Americans users will be forced to go true the useless documentation that doesn't even describe it's own borders or defines it's own uselessness.

I am not some raving idiot, I am just really unhappy that I have to pull the dumb American card on you guy's.

I know you can't make a miracle happen but at least give me an idea about which 200 out of the 1000 services are not for the international community. Add stuff like CET? Central European Time? So can press C and it will jump to the C? Or make it a county list? A 100 times GMT +1 -1 +4 takes me +/- 10 min to find my local time. GMT:-01:00 Central European? Just spell the timezone?

Could you imagine I'm sick of looking at a service for 20 min only to find out I may not use it.

for example:
What do you think the rest of the world thinks if we install Netscape and it keeps asking for our US zip code, your zip code is incorrect! "The address you provide doesn't match the zip code". Would that make it an awesome experience? Let's use Netscape? AOL does the same. MS only did it to their msn web browser. So, I ask you: Did that become a success?

Will Y! 360 end like the browser wars? "You zip code does not compute, please supply a correct state name". Your country does not exist, please refine your search to something like flowers in Detroit.

Is yahoo business orientated?
German Chancellor Willie Brandt once said,"If I am selling to you, I must speak English. But if you are selling to me, dann mussen Sie sprechen Deutsch." (then you must speak German.)