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Why life originated in outer-space and what-if

There is no reason to think life originated on earth - it's irrational. So, there is no reason to think the life on earth represents the genetic possibilities of our organism. Plants and beast are made of the same kind of cells and we really have no idea what the more advanced models look like. If we inhabited millions of planets before this one things like flowers and wings become extremely novel. We destroyed ourselves hundreds of times while on this planet, we established technology then forgot all about it. It makes sense to assume we did this all over the galaxy. We always end up destroying ourselves at some stage. We've made it pretty far this time. Probably far enough to kill ourselves again. Yes? Nukes, toys of way, theater warfare etc etc lets put religion on the list to and science and government. yeah, it pretty much looks like we are all working towards our own end.

A guy who didn't introduce himself explained to me one time how being part of a group, club or organisation is dangerous by definition. You shall undeniably be subjected to the results of the deeds of your fellow tribe members. This being potentially lethal is enough reason to stay away from it and to suggest others do the same.

We already share our single planet, isn't it bad enough the way it is?

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