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perendev-power Product Detail

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Price: 19 000 Euro ex tax and Delivery
Power output : 100Kw 263.157 amps@ 380 volt 3 phase.
weight 250kg

Motorsare never sold outright; a sale/lease agreement gives the person theuse of the equipment for 5 years which is prepaid, thereafter a nominalfee is payable monthly to maintain the lease agreement, this monthlyfee is normally in the region of 100 Euro. (5 year conditional guarantee.)

90 * 24 * 365 * 5 = 3 942 000

19 000 / 3 942 000 = 0.00481988838

Product Detail

If you want to earn a few millions you should lease one? This is just their small generator but the question is more "how much can you feed back up the net". Most distribution points are for... well.... distribution It's still a bargain if you feel dangerous. ha-ha

This is a mechanical demo model. (The generators work with electromagnets.)


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