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artificial inteligence - smart-ass conversation

Ever-since I wrote my first program I imagined writing intelligent software, the idea was to expand my imagination so much it would collapse into something I could code up.

I had this wonderful idea for an AI chat bot. The bot would ask the user if he wanted to talk about a subject and the user would accept or decline. Very simple quite boring to use and very hard to visibly update it.

Now I was thinking to program part of the chit chat with events that only trigger in a specific context. When "we talked about fruit earlier" and "we talk about bananas at this moment" the bot can trigger something like "a banana is also a fruit." Besides from sounding dumb this would obviously make it appear very intelligent and promising while it's just a static sequence. But what if.... what if the bot would remember the things some one doesn't want to talk about then keeps on bringing up those subjects? Like when you decline talking about politics 3 times it will start making all kinds of political associations. Imagine how hard it would make you laugh. Say it finds out you don't drink and never travel. It will now lecture you about wine and cocktails and make all kinds of traveling suggestions. So a few days later you opt talking about bicycles and it tells you about politicians who ride bikes and what seeing the tour the France costs compared to a Bordue. HAHAHA

After a few years of training it can drive you insane in a single sentence.

When it knows you are into sports it's "one of those dumb sports"

When it knows you are not into sports it's "a refreshing sport and sport is mandatory for a great health!"

It should have a voice like a drill instructor and also be your agenda, you alarm clock and your voice response system. A fresh insult every morning. You best is never good enough, you are always late and you lack all sense responsibility.

It will try out various nicknames, "can I call you dumb-ass?", "can I call you soldier?" until you accidentally reply with "NOooo". Then it will call you Sherlock for the rest of your life. "Get out of that bed dumb-ass!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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