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People fail to appreciate the powers of disinformation.

For example:

my version:
Stan Meyer was abducted by aliens and taken back to their home planet, after learning their language and drinking exotic beer they explained the hydrogen stuff.

some one else version:
Stan Meyers was branded a fraud in a civil procedure. He never appealed the finding. He died while having a diner with just another possible foolish 'investor'. The autopsy showed an aneurysm. No poison.

This does not allow us to conclude anything substantial about the tech. He also believes in angels but it just fails to disprove his work.

bah, don't you just hate it when that happens? (haha) I can try detail it a bit but it's quite useless. A bit like your nonsense vs mine, I will explain later....

The civil procedure was over disappointed investors (sure, invest = lazy + risk), but he claims he was forbidden to work on or even talk about his invention over national security reasons. This is a military tech good enough for starwars. He was also offered up to $1 000 000 000 just to sit on his invention.

At least you should agree the 2 stories disagree and that evidence for either one of them is pathetic. Aliens don't exist - we all know this so we don't need any evidence. It's quite easy to prove aliens don't exist, you just ask anyone then they tell you. "no" - simple.

You can not expect me to deliver evidence for claims 300 years ago either. But I claim this doesn't disprove anything either. In this exact same way there is no evidence to put them in the hoax box and insist the termination of any investigation.

What we do have is a history paved with denial of each and every break-thru. The bigger the "better". 5 years after the first wright flight - newspapers still quoted Kelvin on the front page - who claimed it was utterly impossible, much like he claimed caloric energy(heat) could not be converted into motion. He really never invented anything, he only took things and put his name on them. The perpetual motion impossibility claim was already old when he enforced it as fact. In it's first year aviation killed the car industry. It's not like they didn't have a reason to dis-inform, a lot of jobs where lost.

We know light speed is not constant so E=MCC alto looking quite elegant is basically utter drivel.

Back to Stanley Meyer.
Confirmation that his devices actually do work come from his collection of granted US patents on various parts of the WFC system. Since they were granted under Section 101 by the US Patent Office, the hardware involved in the patents has been examined experimentally by US Patent Office experts and their seconded experts and all the claims have been established.

What you made up in 5 sec. does not really compare to his life work? What do you think? After looking at this you will have to do a lot of work to claim this is not real. In credibility you do not come close to the patent office.

you can-not disprove reproductions either.

If you wish to claim it's not real...should you not show us before you do so? I don't mean in 5 min with your hands on your back. With 10 000 vs 1 peeps attack some-one's credibility?

It seems to me this is the good guy?

Stanley Meyer
*US Patent 5,149,407: Process and apparatus for the production of fuel gas and the enhanced release of thermal energy from such gas
*US Patent 4,936,961: Method for the production of a fuel gas
*US Patent 4,826,581: Controlled process for the production of thermal energy from gas es and apparatus useful therefore
*U.S. Patent 4,798,661: Gas generator voltage control circuit
*U.S. Patent 4,613,779: Electrical pulse generator
*U.S. Patent 4,613,304: Gas electrical hydrogen generator
*U.S. Patent 4,465,455: Start-up/shut-down for a hydrogen gas burner
*U.S. Patent 4,421,474: Hydrogen gas burner
*U.S. Patent 4,389,981: Hydrogen gas injector system for internal combustion engine
Of course this is just 1 example. Stanley wasn't even that original.

You can explain how Joseph Papp blew up a group of skeptics with a fuel-less engine with no tank. He killed a guy so forensics did research and didn't find any known explosives so it was not murder. How did the cylinder peal back like a banana? Papp was a con-man with a real engine? We can only assume he had the goods.

For me personally Veljko Milković is the biggest hero of all.

no - don't want to talk about the laws of thermodynamics today. lol

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