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joseph newman Revolution in energy production

March 30, 2005

The demonstration held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on March 28, 2005 went as predicted.

The 100-lb Newman Energy Machine contained a 70-lb coil with a rotor that operated at HIGH RPMS with only MINUTE SPARKING as a result of the back-emf produced by the machine while it operates. The energy machine operated on a low voltage of only 30 volts consisting of five 6-volt batteries each comprised of four 1.5 volt battery units -- with a current equivalent to that of any one of those 1.5 volt battery units.

Such important technical developments enable mass production of this technology to go forward!

I also wish to speak about another subject to the good people who support my life's work for humanity:

During the news conference I had to physically remove an individual from the conference room who, along with his physicist cohort, had come to the news conference to heckle me and my work with no interest in understanding the importance of my energy machine technology.

I will now tell you why I did that. I am 68 years of age and I have experienced a LOT during the course of my life. When I saw the mannerisms of those two individuals towards my presentation and heard their sarcastically-toned "forked" tongues, I became enraged. I was enraged for all humanity and for all creative minds that have ever been subjected to such insensitive and uncaring attitudes.

For the past 40 years I have clearly seen that many so-called scientific intellectuals in high positions of influence are FRAUDS. Why? Because they have the mentality of a parrot. They have simply memorized the great contributions of important scientific innovators of the past and can quote those contributions like a parrot. Yet at the same time, they have absolutely no true understanding and especially curiosity regarding the subjects they quote.

I tried for years to get them to debate me and they always refused. They said the "burden of proof is on me."

I then put forth the absolute proof of a Unified Mechanical Field Theory, followed by the Energy Machine. But the mental cowards have still refused to debate me.

I do however give credit to more than 40 brave scientific individuals (physicists, electrical engineers, nuclear engineers, mechanical engineers, etc.) who did come forth and endorse the magnitude of my Mechanical Theory and the world importance for humanity resulting from the development of my Energy Machine.

There is now available a 30 minute VHS or DVD video done by the news media that proves all I have said and concludes with an unpublished song written and sung by John Denver about the importance of my life's work for humanity. I urge you to see that video for yourself. It may be ordered from JOSEPH NEWMAN PUBLISHING COMPANY, Order/Processing Dept., 3725 South Division Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49548for $10 plus $3 shipping/handling in the U.S. (overseas orders should add $3).

I have total contempt for the mental cowards and parrots in the scientific community whose attitudes impede the progress of civilization for all humanity. And I give deep love and thanks to the courage of John Denver and others who have helped the Energy Machine to go forward.


Joseph W. Newman
This technology will provide access to virtually unlimited energy that is
abundant, inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly.

The Newman energy machine is an electromagnetic motor that runs
COOL (unlike ALL conventional motors) and harnesses the
elemental forces of the universe in complete accord
with the 1st Law of Thermodynamics.

The Newman energy machine will provide a stable and durable
alternative to oil, gas, coal, and nuclear sources.

This technology will power every automobile, home, appliance,
farm, factory, ship, and plane at a FRACTION of the present cost of energy.

A worldwide inexpensive energy source will have profound
geo-political implications for the Middle East.

rexrearch: Newman Motor

He has based his ideas by showing how the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics are not universal in their applications. His theory linked below has a major basis in particle (atom) energy as the unharnessed potential for a greater energy output than the given input ....

Newman's website

Unified Mechanical Field Theory
(extracted points):

... the electric current that comes from a conventional battery. The electromagnetic energy coming from the battery is the energy that makes up the atoms of the material of the battery. Again, this energy use is not measurable by today’s measuring instruments. Electric meters of all types are simply mechanical devices that measure the amount of electric current that comes into that instrument. They do not measure the amount of mass that has been converted into electromagnetic energy.

Present technique in science states that the electric energy flowing from a battery is used up in the device operated by that flow of electric current. This is not true at all! The electromagnetic energy released from the atom makeup of a battery has a relatively infinite capacity to do obvious work, force, or power.

This is easily proven even with a small motor and a 1.5-volt battery. With a battery connected to the motor to operate it and with a meter to take readings, the motor is then physically stopped from turning by holding or restraining the shaft. At that moment the motor is performing no obvious work, force or power, but the meter will register a greater flow of current. The magnets of the motor can be taken out and the reading will be the same. If the electricity was being used to operate the motor, the meter would register more current when the motor was running.

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