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Mechanical potential

Let us look at mechanics as-if caloric...

We take 2 flywheels.

we spin them up to speed.

both wheels are spinning at the same speed.

We extract some energy from flywheel 1. (say 10 Joule)

We now have a fast(2) and a slow(1) spinning flywheel.

If we hook up the axle of flywheel 1 to flywheel 2 with a rotating generator, we gain an equal amount of energy as that what we took out.

There is a potential difference!

When we use-up this energy flywheel 1 and flywheel 2 both spin slower but at the same speed again. Thus establishing equilibrium is a 100% gain cycle.

By redividing the energy loss over the 2 flywheels we gain energy!

The load we apply always ends up slowing wheel 2 down and speeding wheel 1 up until they are back in balance.

Isn't that fantastic?