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free food tax

Globally we have accomplished to erect local governments capable of doing the important things in that region. Things like gardening, printing money or even constructing roads. There are other things we pay for that are not as easy to explain but my point is that they are vast projects that cost enormous piles of cash to pull of. You have to put cameras all over the country and record every move of the citizen - a project like that doesn't come cheap.

Now I suggest we extend this technology to vegetables, rice, noodles and potatoes.

The noodle business is not good enough to make vast amounts of profit just as it's extremely hard to pimp a potato with advertisement, can do it with chips but not the potato it-self. There just isn't any hip business in it. It's not cool.

A government should distribute the vegetables, rice, noodles and potatoes.

The logic is so simple! Why would I have to go to the store to buy this? Isn't it obvious I should eat? I merely suggest to make the eating the priority of the transaction.

1) You have to eat and 2) we can also make you pay for it. In stead of 1) you have to pay and 2) we can also give you food for it.

This way we can make sure the individual is always conditioned for exploitation. How do you expect me to enslave and exploit some-one who doesn't eat? AH? It's very obvious that if we give them a few potatoes they are going to use their money to buy our crap electronics and cosmetics and other useless products that are profitable.

The current method is to pile up the vegetables in a supermarket and toss everything that doesn't look so good anymore in the bin. Who is paying for all the vegetables that are thrown away in this manner? Santa again?

It makes much more sense to just deliver it to peoples door and be done with it. No-one is going to steal your food, they have a bag of their own. It's very safe.

We keep the big farms but try to move as much of the production to better locations. The store is clearly the least cost effective part of the chain, it's also a logistic bottleneck.

We can slowly grow towards then expand on this concept, all the standard products the supermarkets used to out preform the smaller stores are valid research subjects.

Why not make bread free and deliver it to the door, then try to make the bakeries as small as possible and give the baker some margins to have some fun. How much resources do you really need to burn for 1 loaf? You want any extra with yours?

Sure a few heads will role but it's damn good for overall business. This isn't communism I'm talking about.

We need to create a 1000 euro hole in every income. Money peeps don't know what to do with.

For that to happen we need to cancel some subscriptions that do not deliver anything. Like a magazine you didn't read for 10 years. It's time to cancel it now...

Other good questions are: WTF are you paying for your house for? Who are you kidding? You mean it's not yours and it never will be? haha? If you stop paying would the house disappear or something? "Hey, you own a house here you need to pay tax now"; no one knows what the money is for? lol? "You owe us rent!", ow sure? What for?

Being a citizen should mean you have your own land, at least a house WE should GIVE you.

Then you pay tax for vegetables, rice, potatoes and noodles.

I would be surprised if you could manage to eat more as 150 euro production cost worth of vegetables in a year. Average vegatax should be around 10 euro per month.

I suggest you use the rest of your money for an imaginary 1kg steak.

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