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Evoked potential processing system

with spectral averaging, adaptive averaging, two dimensional filters, electrode configuration and method therefor

The evoked potential processing system includes, in one embodiment, a spectral averaging method. Time based, digital pre-stimulus and post-stimulus electroencephalographic (EEG) signal streams are obtained and are converted into frequency spectrum signals. A differential spectrum is obtained. The differential spectrums from a plurality of sweeps are summed. The summed differential spectrum is then converted into a time based signal stream which contains the evoked potential (EP) signal therein. The EP signal can also be obtained utilizing a two-dimensional filter. Pre- and post-stimulus EEG signal streams for a sub-group of stimuli, wherein each stimulus in a group has the same intensity or frequency, are filtered by conventional averaging or spectral differential averaging. The time based, filtered, post-stimulus EEG signal streams are placed in an array and the array is then filtered by a two-dimensional Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) filter. The array is then filtered by a...

Patent number: 5230344
Filing date: Jul 31, 1992
Issue date: Jul 27, 1993
Inventors: Ozcan Ozdamar, Rafael E. Delgado
Assignee: Intelligent Hearing Systems Corp.
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