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Method and apparatus to create and induce a self-created hypnosis

This invention provides a method and apparatus operable within an interactive computer device for presentation to the visual and auditory senses. The invention uses the creation and use of a custom hypnosis script to induce a state of hypnosis and make behavioral suggestions, Through questions presented, the user is queried for the user's preferences for hypnotic induction imagery and behavioral suggestion. The user enters the preferences, employing a keyboard, and/or a mouse, and/or other such device used to enter information. The program inserts the user responses into a preprogrammed textual material to compile a complete hypnosis script. A text-to-speech component of the program enables the user to then listen to the custom hypnosis script, and thereby experience a complete, custom hypnosis.

Patent number: 6565504
Filing date: Jan 25, 2001
Issue date: May 20, 2003
Inventor: Richard A. Blumenthal
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