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Sensory-driven controller

A non-motive system for enabling a person to carry out a function includes circuitry designed to detect evoked-response potentials as a result of stimuli presented to the person. Each element of the stimulus corresponds to an external factor or function, so that the person attending to a particular element may communicate his desire that the external factor or function corresponding to that element be carried out merely through the detection of his brain wave response to the stimulus. The brain wave response is detected by electrodes, conditioned, and correlated with a precalibrated set of response template signals to derive the element attended by the subject, and thereby cause the indicated factor or function to be carried out.

Patent number: 4926969
Filing date: Nov 18, 1988
Issue date: May 22, 1990
Inventors: Geoffrey D. Wright, Edmund Pirali
Assignee: NeuroSonics, Inc.
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