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QREEG Process matrix synchronizer system

A QREEG matrix synchronizer system under the aegis of a "master" QREEG tracing has electrodes and sensors for obtaining new computational diagnostic relationships between EEG, EKG, and other life-process data signals from a person's body. A controllable matrix carried by the person's body (into home, field, factory or military operational areas) assembles the data signals on separate channels, one of which carries the "master" combination of the EEG and EKG data signals denominated a QREEG signal. A signal processor makes feasible computing changes in magnitudes and ratios of these signals to detect the loss of or deviation in synchronization between different data signals on the separate channels, and between a data signal obtained at one time and stored for use at a later time and the data signal obtained on the same channel at the later time. These data include those of the waking state and those of the sleep-dream state. All matrix data pertinent to computational diagnostic...

Patent number: 4495950
Filing date: Jan 21, 1983
Issue date: Jan 29, 1985
Inventor: Daniel E. Schneider
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