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James Randi

This thread will contain almost the entire thread from the James Randi so-called "educational" foundation forum. I say almost because at the time I copied the thread it was still open for posts and replies. It is now closed or was when I last checked. I would say there are probably about five or so posts after what I have here. Anyway, I want to point out some things in the thread. Towards the end of the thread, I ask why doesn't Randi try and debunk what I wrote, and also I sent an e-mail to the foundation asking this. To this day, I have not gotten a reply nor have I seen anything by him debunking what I posted. Wonder why?
The Randi forum thread I posted - alt.mindcontrol | Google Groups

Some sexi patents go quoted here, it's almost everything you can possibly dream of.... and a little bit extra..... yes...... hummm........

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