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Letter defending the Rife Frequency Generator

Letter defending the Rife Frequency Generator

The Research Manager
Today Tonight
Channel 7
Mt Coot-tha.

Dear Sir/Madame,

I contact you after viewing your story on cancer and the frequency generator, on Saturday morning in Brisbane, 11th August. I respect your enthusiasm to expose people who have the intention to cheat those who are vulnerable and suffering, and unfortunately they weasel their way into everything. There is however another very important side to your story and I feel this other side should be given to the public as well, so that qualified natural therapists in the industry who "are" achieving results over cancer etc while using the frequency generator, are not dishonored by Professor Dwyer's extreme comment and the incompleteness of your story.

The uneducated comments spoken by Professors Dwyer and Day, your journalist and the woman interviewed who spoke out against it, have discredited professional natural health consultants who "have" achieved results with this unit. I would like to challenge Professor Dwyer in particular after he has called promoters of the frequency generator "criminals" as this insulted me and my reputation personally, as well as many other natural therapists who recommend this unit to cancer patients. I actually wonder if Professor Dwyer's comment could invite legal ramifications in light of the tests applied to the generator by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. We are far from being criminals as out intention is simply to help cancer patients and "we are getting results".

On a promotion video explaining the frequency generator or "zapper" Dr Beck reports that it was tested by a research team from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine headed by Dr William D Lyman and the curative results were published in "Science News" in 1991 and "Longevity Magazine" in 1992. Why didn't you investigate this? This was a medical test carried out by medical scientists that supposedly proved the unit capable of neutralizing destructive microbes in blood, in a laboratory. If this unit is as competent as these medical scientists reveal, your report will rob cancer and HIV patients of the chance of being assisted by this unit which, in my opinion, has the potential to deem you and Professors Dwyer and Day as irresponsible as the con-artists or "criminals" as Professor Dwyer put it, you are trying to expose.

Did you or Professor Dwyer stop to think, perhaps it does work but the con-artists are making cheap imitations. I feel if you wish to report "the truth" you should balance out your story by challenging people who can prove it workable rather than the ones like Professor Dwyer who appear to be "guessing" it is useless.

Whilst I have never verified the Albert Einstein College of Medicine tests that were carried out on it, I advise my cancer clients to use the generator along with my complementary treatments and I have repeatedly achieved success over cancer and other autoimmune diseases. Can Professor Dwyer say he has tested it on cancer patients to achieve these curative results, for the sake of helping cancer patients in their plight to survive? After all, shouldn't that be the main issue?

I am a natural therapy autoimmune specialist and a qualified natural therapy diagnostician who has studied anatomy and physiology and I specialize in cancer. I operated a registered cancer center where I achieved many remissions and I have enjoyed an honorable and well respected reputation in the industry for over twenty years. Whilst I have never been a salesperson for the Dr Beck generator, I advise people to purchase it and use it in conjunction with my treatments based on it's medical approval and the positive results I have achieved with it.

Your incomplete story and the extreme comment made by Professor Dwyer, that people associated with this unit are criminals, has insulted professional people such as myself "who do achieve curative results" and has steered cancer patients away from using the unit as well as away from health consultants who promote it correctly.

It is well known by natural therapy cancer specialists in the industry, the zapper is not capable of curing some diseases "on its own" but it is well capable of curing cancer when complemented with ancillary treatments particularly Dr Becks zapper with the colloidal silver facility.

If Mr. Jeff Baker, the promoter you tried to interview, claimed the zapper cures arthritis, cancer and HIV on its own, Mr. Baker is at fault "not the frequency zapper" and it is my opinion your story mislead the public into believing this misconception.

There is a rumor in the natural therapy industry that television stations may be influenced by drug companies that wish to discredit successful natural treatments such as the Dr Beck generator. I feel you may have added fuel to this concept by presenting a story that was damaging to a therapy that can help cancer patients when used correctly. I would like to challenge you to complete your research and as a cancer specialist who recommends the frequency generator, I would like the opportunity to defend myself against Professor Dwyer's insulting comment.

· I would look forward to being interviewed with Professors Dwyer where I will explain exactly what causes cancer and how to cure it and back up my explanations with medical articles and medical research results.

Your story presented Professor Dwyer as a world renowned autoimmune specialist and as such I would like to ask him why doctors can't explain the cause of cancer to people suffering from this disease, when it is detailed in medical files possibly available at his very own University. I will also explain "how" I believe the zapper cures cancer when combined with other natural treatments needed to complement it, which will be a big help to cancer patients who are willing to try everything possible to improve quality of life and avoid premature death. If patient welfare is a priority for Today Tonight, I urge you to complete this job in a way that is expected in professional journalism.

· To prove the efficiency of the frequency generator, I offer to treat a full group of cancer patients "under the supervision of Today Tonight" with the Dr Beck frequency generator and treatments that must accompany the generator to help it succeed. And in so doing I give Today Tonight permission to broadcast the progressive results of such cancer patients on national television whether they are good or bad, along with whatever conclusion Today Tonight officials may come to, over my potential as a criminal. If you are convinced we are criminals for using this unit to help cancer patients, then I challenge you to prove we are criminals on national television.

I am willing to put my reputation on the line for the sake of cancer patients everywhere, are you willing to put a little effort into investigating to see if people like me, are criminals or not? When was the last time you had a friend or relative suffer the terrible pain of cancer and die prematurely without having a clue as to what caused it? Wouldn't you like to have been able to tell those people the "one" thing that was causing their cancer so they could do everything possible to avoid it. If you investigate deeply enough you'll find a pellet load of medical journal reports dating back to a Dr Gallen in 170 AD that shows, there is "one thing only" that encourages the cancer fluke virus and other cancer parasites to establish cancer and destroy the body.

I always assumed journalists were unbiased in their investigations and willing to listen to both sides of the story, which didn't happen in your story aired on Saturday 11th August. There are many more facts your research team should have investigated before announcing the generator to be nothing but a scam.

If you are searching for truth you should go to necessary lengths to help the cancer patient instead of judging this unit on the unqualified attitudes of Mr. Baker, a Professor who is possibly not even aware of what causes cancer himself and, vastly incomplete research. For me as a qualified therapist and cancer specialist, to see your journalist hold the two probes of the frequency zapper and project his uneducated impression that the zapper is a hoax, was, in my opinion, an insult to journalistic efficiency and to his competency to investigate effectively.

Whilst I can only assume Mr. Jeff Baker is nothing more than a sales person who has no formal training in anatomy physiology and is not conversant with what causes cancer and how to cure it through natural treatments, there are those who do. You interviewed Professor Collin Day who said the zapper is nothing more than "a token" and your compare commented how the zapper is freely available because the laws are weak, yet it is yours, Professor Dwyer's and Day's research that was weak, not the laws. The only way the law should be changed is to prevent people such as Mr. Baker who are uneducated in the natural health field, from selling or treating people with items such as the frequency generator. This would protect any competency of such items to ensure they are not cheaply copied, misrepresented and wrongly used by cancer patients striving for results.

Each individual needs to be diagnosed to find their "recipe" of disease causes, before treatment that complements the use of the frequency generator can be designed and applied. There is no other way to cure cancer and before the frequency generator became available, the job was much more difficult.

As the frequency generator requires individually treatments designed to cater for each cancer patients individual immune breakdown factors, "that vary drastically from one patient to the next" the frequency generator needs to be supplied "by professionals" as one part of a complete personal program.

For a start, most of the destructive microbes associated with arthritis, cancer and HIV have at least a twelve-week breeding cycle which means any treatment must be continued for "in excess" of twelve weeks or eggs of the destroying microbes "and host viruses", will cause the health problem to return after it "appears" to be cured. I have "temporarily" cured several cancer patients in six to eight weeks however if they don't stick to a natural diet and a "hormonal balance lifestyle" and keep using the frequency generator for six months or so, the cancer can return due to the redeveloping pancreatic and intestinal cancer causing parasites.

The contents of this letter has been witnessed by a justice of the peace and delivered personally to a Today Tonight representative so that the validity of this delivery along with my opinions and my challenges have been well witnessed and recorded. In taking these steps I reserve the right to reveal to any person or any other television program, that Today Tonight has been confronted with my challenges, and my opinions that the efficiency of the frequency generator has been reported in a way that robs the cancer patients of the curative potential it offers.

In forwarding this letter, I mean no disrespect to the journalists or management of Today Tonight as I am fully aware of the amount of unqualified people who make unsubstantiated claims that upset the media in relation to this issue. On the other hand, I am equally disturbed about incomplete conclusions made by journalists "and unfamiliar University Professors" who allow their frustration of the scams, to mislead the public and rob cancer patients of the real cures. If you wish to expose untruth, I will be one of the first to support you, however lets do it right so the end result is that cancer patients get the help they need.


Justice of the Peace
I have read the contents of this 5-page letter and hereby witness the offers contained within it.

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