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Public purchase

Here is a simple jet elegant idea.

Most of the technology on this planet is hidden away as classified info or proprietary property. There is so much knowledge and technology that we haven't seen there is room for unknown tech based on unknown tech or even things based on things made out of various things of which we really-really have no idea.

We cant blame the military and we cant blame the researcher or the company owning the know how it's their lawful right because of the way we have set up the show. You cant just take research away from companies because that defeats the advantage of doing the research. That would motivate the bizz to stop conducting research and the economy would end right there.

So what can we do?

We can buy knowledge and put it in the public domain.

How do we do this?

I have figured out a perfectly lazy and safe system to do this.

You post a comment and name the size of your donation. As soon as we have accumulated large sums of numbers this way I will look for an interesting acquisitions, contact everyone *shrug* and we will take a vote if we are going to buy it or not.

When the yes vote accumulates to a value of 150% of the "claimed to deposit" I will contact the yes voters and they will send their money directly to the previous owner of the material. This way I will never have to hold your money. Imagine all the useless temptations that would bring to mind.

The idea is to raze funds and for example purchase the beetles songs. We can buy a whole country if we want to that's not the point, the point is to reward innovation with money and get that crucial and o so interesting proprietary knowledge onto the tv and into our universities.

Just sign below and name your price.