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was investigating engines powered by permanent magnets alone. I find to-much similarities in the different devices. There are hundreds, the claim we should ignore them is not based on facts. John Searl didn't just build a car like o so many others but he build an actual flying saucer at least that's what people say. He claimed to have cured people by putting them next to an engine. I don't even remember the names but I kept running into health claims on my magnetic motor research. The motor had magic healing powers of some kind..

So, at some stage I decided that this was MR Searls most out of the box claim. (there is no box?) Just this health thing was so much more ridiculous as the free energy and the levitation disk. If I can find more evidence of this electromagnetic healing it should make his claim look much better.

It kind of sounded "worth it", I was already researching perpetual motion I already had to ignore almost every opinion. I thought "Lets look why not?", there has to be some actual medical work in this field?

Royal R Rife was able to oscillate light with the natural frequency of a virus which gave him the edge of being able to see what he was doing. This also gives Rife 2 valid excuses to investigate using magnetic fields of the same frequency. He then finds a way to cure all diseases, yeah right? Say what? Well, people say he does and they have all kinds of real data to back up this claim and are obviously making more of this data every day. Even if you really-really want this to be fake you have no right to speak.

Royal R Rife claims a million times what Searl claims and brings the hard data and the credentials to back it up. Robert C Beck used magnetic waves to eradicate the microscum from the blood leaving the entire patient in one part. Hulda Regehr Clark does something slightly different but much like it. The works of Björn Nordenström are also most honorable in the electrotherapeutic picture.

yeah, it's safe to say MR Searl wasn't the one making the strange claims here. He was merely getting the effect on the test bench using live subjects. The health improvements had to be big enough and consistent for him to be able to notice them.

In my personal view on this the most fascinating part is when (hypothetically) the frequency of the magnetic motor is the same as that of the virus it will be much easier to shatter it as Rife has shown. This could be an indication of them having mechanical similarities. If the exhaust product is the same the viruses may extract energy from the same source as the motor.

For example the cancer frequency could be perfect to drive cars on. We should look at the impact on the environment right? We don't want any frequency that is bad for our health so why not make it the other way around? :)

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