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having a look around yahoo

333 magnify
gg I was looking at the local stuff and miss previewd a review.Image I hope I won't get banned, it wasn't even that funny, I acidently commented on Amsterdam plumbers o deer.

I should be able to find some nice yahoo stuff, I do like the blog, the photos are to small and 1 per post is not always the right number but ok. I appear to have done a lot more research on how to show/view images. I didn't get it perfect but I'm still trying. Some variation in viewing is nice but I always see img hosts screw up the first impression.

tour NR 99  does have a bit of weird blur to it BUT the images are 1-2 kb in size so all 300 load just fine. The full view is just bigger no matter how you twist the words.

Posting a few per page gives a preview you don't want to click at all, but we all agree it doesn't show the picture as well as the full view.

I know now that each photo has an ideal size (or even better a range of size) it looks well in. Some look bad big some look bad small, some look fantastic in full screen some are great at 400px.  Fixing the size just means "it's always the wrong size".

What other stuff did yahoo do :)

What is My Yahoo!? My Yahoo! is your own personalized version of Yahoo!. After entering some simple information, My Yahoo! allows you to collect all your favorite parts of Yahoo! and the Web in one place. You can choose what you want to see, like email, news, weather, stock prices, sports scores, TV and movie listings, and much more. It's like having an assistant to bring you your favorite sections of the newspaper and tell you about your mail and appointments for the day.

What is a public profile? Every Yahoo! ID or alias has a corresponding profile page. A Yahoo! Public Profile is a page that lets other users find out about you. Think of your public profile as your own page on the Web. Use your profile to let friends, family, and the world know about you. Post your picture, record your voice, display your interests, your latest news, cool links, and more. If you already have a home page, use your Yahoo! Public Profile to point people to it.

What is Yahoo! by Phone?Yahoo! by Phone is a service that lets you receive voicemail messages in your private mailbox, listen to email messages from Yahoo! Mail and other email accounts (POP mail) over the phone, and check Yahoo! information by phone. When you sign up, you choose your own 10-digit mailbox/account number and private 4-digit PIN. Your friends can leave messages for you in your voice mailbox, and you can check your voice messages from the telephone or on the Web through your Yahoo! Mail account. Use the phone to look up contact information in your Yahoo! Address Book and listen to stock quotes, sports scores, news, or weather. You can even listen to your personalized My Yahoo! information. You can do all this by just speaking your commands. For example, you can say "Listen to my email" or "Check my portfolios."