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Water Fuel LLC Presents - The Hydrogen Fuel Industry

Water Fuel LLC has compiled a list of companies involved with Pure Hydrogen, Brown's Gas, HHO, Oxy-Hydrogen, and COH2. Below is industry news, and a company list all focused on Hydrogen Fuel technologies.

Industry News

Royal Laster Corporation has signed a letter of intent to enter into a partnership with Canadian Hydrogen Energy Corporation. Royal Laster is an established Publicy traded company that produces precision laser based manufacturing equipment utilizing computer aided design. The agreement is based on the intent of Royal Laser to manufacture the commercial grade Hydrogen Injection system designed by Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company Ltd.

Hy-Drive Company has recently raised $21,000,000 in investment capital based on their research and testing of their “HGS” Fuel Enhancement technology designed for the over the road trucking industry. Hy-Drive is pushing forward to commence manufacturing of their HGS system designed around an automotive electrolysis system. There are numerous other manufacturers of Fuel Enhancement technology (INDUSTRY) for the automotive industry, however Hy-Drive Company appears to be the most grounded presentation to date.

Gorilla Development LLC. “Get Hydro Power” has tested the exhaust gas emissions, of a garbage truck, before and after Hydrogen Fuel enhancement. Get Hydro Power Emissions Inspection Results (PDF).

Companies Involved with Pure Hydrogen, Brown's Gas, HHO, Oxy-Hydrogen, and COH2

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. – USA
As the world's largest supplier of merchant Hydrogen and an industry leader in Hydrogen fuel infrastructure, Air Products is in the forefront of the development of Hydrogen energy technologies.

Alternative Energy Corporation - Canada
An organization dealing with on-demand Hydrogen production technologies designed for the bulk production of pure Hydrogen fuel. Their technology is not electrolysis based and is grounded on fundamental chemical reactions (typically pure aluminum induced) that spontaneously result’s in the breakdown of water into Hydrogen and oxygen gases.

B.E.S.T. Korea Company, Ltd. - Korea
BEST appears to be the Worlds largest ongoing manufacturer of Brown's Gas Generators. They also have a number of intellectual property rights Patents in Korea. They possess novel designs for systems that use Brown's Gas Generators [up to 500,000lph] as the sole fuel in residential heating and incineration systems.

Domnick Hunter Limited – UK
Manufactures a Hydrogen Generator that produces a continuous flow of ultra-pure Hydrogen reliably and cost effectively from de-ionized water and electricity.

Eagle Research, Inc. - USA
A Research Organization that has authored substantive information about Brown's Gas i.e. "Brown's Gas Book 1" and "Brown's Gas Book 2" covering some of the most important contributions to the field of Brown's Gas since the invention of Brown’s Gas in the 1960’s. These reference and design books contain extremely pertinent research data, practical analysis and implication considerations.

Eltron Research and Development – USA
This project deals with the development of a new compact Hydrogen generation reactor. It will perform the current multi-step generation of Hydrogen Gas from fossil fuels into a single reactor system.

Energy and Environment Company - Korea
A direct marketing affiliate of the B.E.S.T. Korea Company, Ltd. that specializes in incinerator technology.

Epoch Energy Enviroment Corporation – Taiwan
Epoch manufactures a mid range of Hydrogen Generators [up to 20,000lph] and provides excellent information about Oxy-Hydrogen and Brown’s Gas technologies.

FuelCellStore' - USA
HG300 laboratory Hydrogen generator [up to 300lph] advertises as “the superior choice for GC fuel and carrier gas supply”.

General Motors Inc. - USA
General Motors has conducted extensive research and development into Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies.

General Hydrogen Canada Corporation - Canada
A manufacturer of Hydrogen Fuel Cell solutions and pure Hydrogen Generator technologies.

Green Hydrogen Ltd. – UK
The UK’s major supplier of renewable Hydrogen and Oxygen for industry and transportation.

H2 Innovations, Inc. – USA
Designs, manufactures and markets low-cost on-site Hydrogen generators and gas purification plants.

Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH – Germany
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen education.

Hgenerators – USA
Manufactures a Liquid Hydrogen and Gas Hydrogen [300lph] Generators.

Hydrogen LLC. - USA
Hydrogen LLC. is a research and development initiative formerly controlled by Westinghouse. The company is pursuing Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies incorporating solid oxide design and air-cooled Fuel Cell technologies.

Hydrogenics Corporation - Canada
A manufacturer of pure Hydrogen high-pressure generators and Fuel Cell solutions

HyRadix Inc. – USA
HyRadix's flagship hydrogen generation systems – the Aptus™ and Adéo™ – produce hydrogen tailored to customers' specific purity, flow, pressure and volume requirements.

Mahler AGS GmbH – Germany
Manufacturer of on-site gas plants for Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen generation, as well as plants for the purification and recovery of technical gases and process waste gases.

Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. – USA
The Chrysalis® II "SEPG" Hydrogen Generator produces a reliable continuous output of >99.999% pure Hydrogen using only deionized water.

NanoLogix, Inc. – USA
A Nano-biotechnology company, with a portfolio of patents, has applications and marketability in the following areas: production of high value Hydrogen from industrial wastewater, municipal waste streams and agricultural feedstock. Has announced the initial sale of Hydrogen powered generator engines, which had been converted from gas engines.

Parker Hannifin Corporation – USA
Parker Balston® Hydrogen Generators produce flows of 90 cc/min, 150 cc/min, 300 cc/min, 500 cc/min, 800 cc/min, and 1200 cc/min of ultra-pure Hydrogen (99.99999%) gas safely and conveniently at regulated pressures from 0 to 100 psig.

Peak Scientific – Scotland
Manufactures a scientific Hydrogen Generator delivers high purity Hydrogen gas.

Proton Energy Systems - USA
A manufacturer of Proton Exchange Membrane on-site Hydrogen Generation technology.

REB Research and Consulting - USA
A Methanol-Water Reformer/Hydrogen generation solution producing a pure Hydrogen Gas to supply fuel cells, for brazing and other applications. Also researches and manufactures membranes, catalysts and Hydrogen purifiers.

RTI International – USA
RTI engineers are developing membrane technologies for separating Hydrogen from the high-temperature synthesis gas produced by fossil fuel gasification.

Silverwood Energy Inc. – USA
Designs and installs Solar electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems to power residential and commercial energy applications.

Teledyne Energy Systems, INC - USA
This manufacturer produces a variety of Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Electrical Power generation technologies.

TsvetChrom Ltd. – Russia
The TsvetChrom Hydrogen generators give you the ability to produce Hydrogen gas economically and consistently, right in the laboratory.

USMagneFuels, Inc. – USA
Utilizes Prof. Santilli’s research to recycle to develop a Generator that can convert water-base, oil-base or liquid wastes into usable byproducts, including a clean burning Hydrogen Fuel Biogas, known as “Magnegas”.

Virent Energy Systems, Inc. – USA
The potential of Virent’s patented BioForming TM process, an unrivaled method for converting the carbohydrates in plant matter into Hydrogen Gas, carbon neutral - renewable fuels and chemicals.

Common Ducted and Independently Ducted Hydrogen Fuel Torch Companies

Arizona Hydrogen Manufacturing, Inc. - USA
Manufactures small Brown’s Gas Generators [up to 300lph] driving Hydrogen Gas welding and cutting torches born from the work of William Rhodes.

Equipnet – UK
Complete line of Oxy-Hydrogen Generators [from 200 to 2,000lph] primarily utilized for Welding, Jewelry and Dental Applications.

Greengas – Singapore
Manufactures Brown’s Gas Hydrogen Generators up to 2,000lph to be utilized for all welding/cutting applications.

Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. - USA
The originator of the Hydrogen Fuel terminology "HHO" and also the trademark holder of "AquygenTM". Their Hydrogen Generator [1,500lph] is a Patent Pending Technology, however, it appears that it is utilizing older technology utilizing substantially higher electrical input to separate the HHO [Brown’s Gas] output.

Oxyweld SNC. – Italy
Manufactures Oxy-Hydrogen Generators for welding/cutting applications with output up to 2,400lph.

Peak - USA
Manufactures Hydrogen Gas Generators producing “R-Gas” [Brown’s Gas] for use in the welding and cutting industry.

Rokura Aplicatii Industriale “RAI” – Romania
Distributor in Europe for HHO Hydrogen Gas Generators [output up to 1,500lph].

Siam Waterflame Company Limited – Thailand
Manufactures Hydrogen generators [up to 300lph] to be utilized for both Industrial and Jewelry applications.

Stan Rubinstein Associates “SRA Solder” - USA
Manufactures Jewelry solder, welders and cutters utilizing Hydrogen Brown’s Gas.

Water Torch Collective, LTD - Canada
This company distributes the premier common ducted Brown’s Gas electrolyzer in the world. The design of the 1200/1600 Series [1,200 to 1,600lph] is of such a high caliber that competing technology [utilizing 40+% more electricity] appears antiquated. Provides substantial information concerning Brown's Gas.

Companies Involved with Automotive and Trucking Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement

Ballard Power Systems Inc. - Canada
This Company is recognized as the World leader in the design, development and manufacture of zero-emission proton exchange membrane [PEM] Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company, Ltd. – Canada
The company is focused on Commercial Truckers using a Brown’s Gas on-demand electrolysis system in automotive Hydrogen Fuel enhancement applications. – USA
Hydrogen mileage booster, utilizing Brown’s Gas, to improve engine performance.

Gorilla Development LLC. - USA
The manufacturer of Hydrogen Generators that utilize the Gorilla Cell electrolyzers producing Brown’s Gas. The company conducts exhaust emission research that is pushing the threshold of scientific data available about automotive fuel enhancement technology.

Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd. - Canada
The industry leader in Commercial Trucking Hydrogen Fuel [Brown’s Gas] applications, utilizing on-demand electrolysis systems, that enhances Diesel fuel mileage.

Hydrogen-Boost – USA
The Hydrogen-Boost Brown’s Gas system out performs the Automotive competition on two fronts i.e. the design of the common ducted electrolyzer and the system comes with extra components, including an electronic control circuit to vary the air/fuel mixture, putting it in another league from competitors.

Hydrogen Fleet Conversion – USA
Will produce and market a Brown’s Gas Hydrogen Fuel enhancer for all engines.

Hypower Fuel, INC. - USA
The company is focused on Commercial Truckers using an on-demand electrolysis system in automotive Hydrogen Fuel enhancement applications.

Innovative Hydrogen Solutions Inc. – Canada
Manufactures “H2 N-Gen™” a Hydrogen based alternative that meets today's pollution problems and improves mileage.

National Vapor Industries, Inc. – USA
Produces and markets a Brown’s Gas Hydrogen Generator® add-on for combustion engines. - Canada
A manufacturer of Oxy-Hydrogen automotive fuel enhancement technologies. They will be adding air/fuel optimization technology to their product line during 2007.

Agencies/Universities with Pertinent Hydrogen Fuel Information

Berkeley National Laboratory - USA
Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) have identified a new variation of a familiar platinum-nickel alloy that is far and away the most active oxygen-reducing catalyst ever reported.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – Australia
CSIRO offers internationally recognised expertise in developing new technologies to advance the ‘hydrogen economy’.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Agency – USA
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Agency - USA The EERIE of the US Government provides information about Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and infrastructure requirements. From here you can visit Web sites of research centers and institutes involved in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

European Union Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Program – Europe
The European Commission believes that sustainable energy systems are fundamental to our objective for sustainable development. Sustainable energy systems require the right balance of appropriate policies with appropriate, well-targeted research and technology development. This research must cover conventional and innovative energy production and conversion technologies, including Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.

Hydrogen Engineering Research Consortium - USA
UCLA's Hydrogen Engineering Research Consortium (HERC) aims at research/development, and education/public outreach efforts, that will help accelerate the realization of the Hydrogen Economy.

National Renewable Energy Institute – USA
NREL's Hydrogen & Fuel Cells research supports the U.S. Department of Energy's Hydrogen Program.

National Research Council – Canada
A new NRC technology in commercialization could be the key to getting the hydrogen powered fuel cell market charged up.

Sandia National Laboratories - USA
Experiments examine hydrogen-production benefits of clean coal burning.

Stanford University – USA
Hydrogen is often advocated as an energy medium. Here are some relevant facts.

White House – USA
Fact Sheet: Hydrogen Fuel: a Clean and Secure Energy Future

From: Water Fuel LLC Presents - The Hydrogen Fuel Industry

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