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Rotary Stirling Rotary Overview

This site describes a new engine design having these key benefits: * It demonstrates the principle of heat engines * It is incredibly simple (even for heat engines) * You can built it from scratch
Rotary Stirling Rotary Overview
was thinking to use both expansion and weight displacement.
By making the device big enough for example using a tube running up a mountain with a worm in the center. Proper isolation it will perpetute the upwards flow, after cooling down it will also flow down on gravity. But there isn't a set height limit or anything like that.

I have already found an enormous well of heat. to attach the engine to. Apparently a radiator is always hotter as the room it is standing in, this is the whole point of having radiators as we all know. But there isn't any prescription for how the heat is to be transfered to the cooler environment. Just attach an heat engine to the stove and you have free energy right there. It's also possible to separate waist water in a hot and a cold container and extracting the caloric energy left overs. One could run a cold water pipe down the sewage tube. Both hot and cold water constantly flow, if we would partially stabilize the temperature of the incoming cold water with the hot sewage running it through a radiator of some kind this would already result in 100% profit. I bet the attachment of a heat engine would allow for some really impressive figures. A heat engine using both expansion and weight displacement over big heights of course.

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