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An apparatus and method in which a tissue sample is positioned in a nuclear induction apparatus whereby selected nuclei are energized from their equilibrium states to higher energy states through nuclear magnetic resonance.

Inventor: Raymond V. Damadian
Patent number: 3789832
Filing date: Mar 17, 1972

This is the now world famous MRI patent. It does absolutely-freaking the same thing as the Rife machines in order to see stuff inside the patient. Almost as if it's a joke of some kind the MRI technology goes described while noting the resonant induction of cancer is of the most applaudable. Dude, we can see the stuff now, this is way cool!

I'm a big advocate of not disturbing the things you are looking at as you simply wont be able to see how you've changed it if you do. It's like taking pictures of nesting birds with 1 foot in the nest. But in the case of cancer this is of the most ridiculous argumentation.

Every object has it's resonant frequencies. It's the sound things make when they collide with something else. Like closing a door.

Walk to the door and open it then hold it by the bottom corner and swing the door over 10-20 cm. Now slowly increase speed, you should be able to feel the top of the door moving a bit slower as the part you are holding. If you increase the speed a little more you can see that the door can potentially be destroyed in this way.

Hold a bicycle by 1 handle of the steering wheel then shake the bike left to right 10-20 cm and see how the rear end bends outwards more and more with every shake.

If something is not elastic on a given frequency it will shall we say prefer to dissipate it's energy onto something else.

If the school bus can be persuaded to bounce on it's shock breakers the kids can rock the bus hard enough to tip it over. A train on the other hand will bounce far less easy from this.

If you make big waves in the bath tob and get the frequency right you can see how the energy doesn't disappear but mostly accumulates with the previous push.

Now imagine bouncing a bag of watter on your hand. The bag can only hold so much pressure. So if the shock wave gets to big the bag pops open.

Now it's really easy for you to see that if you turn an electro magnet on and off you can push or pull something. The only difference with a swing a tob or a half pipe is that this push can be really short thus it can happen really fast in a row (at high frequency)

Now ... the little critters in your body all have their own frequency and as they tend to be shall we say chaotically organized and operate pretty much detached from another. Their ability to dissipate frequencies is limited by this lack of attachment.

Their size makes their frequency stand out already and their lack of exhaust disposal makes it also easy to resonate them. Thus not just leaving the patient in one part as a whole but also guaranteeing not to blow up any of his or her essential parts resulting in the slaughter of billions of virus particles vs zero cell decay.

The above is not medical advice, it's advice for those licensed to research and apply this. The shall we say vastly ignorant medical establishment. Who apparently feel it's perfectly cool to leave such matters up to the payee to investigate, who apparently are to stupid to create the mere documentation their patients are looking for thus resulting in them waisting the already shortened life time of the payee at operating such medical investigation. While furthermore the then apparently cured patient shall not be allowed to publish his own findings by their lawful lack of know how.

While the mere claim of cure should be enough to investigate the establishment ignorantly dismisses "miraculously" cured patient NR 10 000. WTF? Counting the clues given by now multiplied by the years elapsed since. I think we are looking at millions of years of ignorance good for hundreds of millions of years of shortened lives. This is not counting the assault on the lives around those people and the quality of life.

As a non doctor my opinion is that neuroscience is exactly the kind of resonant organic manipulation we didn't pay you guys to work on. What are you dumb?

Don't say - you desire for me to make a better case? Well I'm sorry I'm not a doctor so even if I was allowed to look into such documents I woudn't be allowed to publish them. So, the question is all yours Dr. Not the other way around.