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use an animal's immune response to generate passive vaccines

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.......HIV, for example, will only infect humans with deadly consequences. Most animals tested will reject attempted infection. Why not use an animal's immune response to generate passive vaccines against AIDS? Before the pharmaceutical age, doctors used horse sera in the treatment of Rabies, Polio, Small Pox and other plagues. Why not employ the same logic today? The ability to raise passive vaccines and Dr. Chachoua's ability to transfer resistance to human cells enables the neutralization of the viral mutation problem with other therapies.
The success of this approach has been remarkable, both in the laboratory as well as in humans....

....Dr. Chachoua has lectured around the world and published in order to advise the world of his achievements and realize his dream of allowing the masses to be healed by his technology. Unfortunately, after years of lectures, public appearances, numerous radio, television newspaper and magazine appearances, little acceptance by conventional medicine has been evident. Many individuals have attempted to profit by claiming to sell Dr. Chachoua's vaccines and technologies. These are frauds currently under injunction. More surprisingly however, major US institutes which have spent thousands of Dr. Chachoua's dollars independently evaluating and proving in preliminary test efficacy (greater than 99%) against cancer and AIDS have decided to surpress their findings. We worship our doctors as gods who will save us from diseases. If these false gods let us down is it not time to take back responsibility for our lives and our own well-being? Learn of this healing technology and demand to know why it is being withheld....
NEXUS: Dr Sam Chachoua
Dr. Sam Chachoua defeats Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in an American Federal Court. The jury awarded this Australian doctor over $10,000,000 in damages after hearing of the conspiracy to suppress and destroy him and his new field of medicine described as promising to be "THE MOST EFFECTIVE THERAPY AGAINST CANCER AND AIDS IN HISTORY." NBC NEWS (AUGUST, 2000)
A Victory for Life and Truth