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Hieronymus machine

As explained mostly by Astounding Science Fiction editor John W. Campbell in late 1950s and early 1960s editorials, Hieronymus machines were mockups of real machines (patented by their inventor, Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus) which allegedly worked by analogy or symbolism, being directed by psi or ESP powers. As an example, one could create a receiver or similar device, with prisms and vacuum tubes represented by their cardboard or even schematic representations. Through the use of mental powers, such a machine would function as would its "real" equivalent. Campbell claimed that such machines actually did perform this way, but the concept was never taken seriously elsewhere or followed through on in later years.
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Well there is of course the cia creating matter with thoughts. The most interesting part is that both are much alike but matter is more like thoughts as the other way around. Maybe I should say: "empty space is a lack of thoughts, a lack of thoughts is an empty space."

How solid are those thoughts and objects anyway? What is a thought? If we don't know what a thought it then what is intelligence? What is intelligent life?

A calculator is capable of doing programed tasks, I wouldn't call that intelligence. Do there have to be problems to make thinking worth it or to give it a goal? Say we would create an ideal world. If we had ideal emotional conditions and zero problems wouldn't the Texas instruments have a more challenging existence?

as long as you don't think about it you will be okay.

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