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Eric P. Dollard

Borderland: Work of Eric P. Dollard - T. Brown

by Tom Brown 9/9/88

Eric Dollard is a scientist of the type found in America around the turn
of the century. He is an electrical engineer of the old school relying
on experience with equipment rather than acceptance of mathematical
considerations. He has studied the works of Nikola Tesla and Charles
Proteus Steinmetz extensively and has applied their principles to his
research. He has advanced the mathematical works of the early
electrical pioneers to the stage of pragmatic industrial engineering.
This was only possible by bypassing all modern relativistic theories and
concepts of electrons flowing through wires, and instead maintaining the
ether theories from which modern electrical equipment originally emerged.
Eric's work is a direct continuation of the works of Tesla, Steinmetz,
Oliver Heaviside, Philo Farnsworth II, and other energy pioneers whose
work can be reproduced and used.

Eric has written over 30 notebooks of material covering his years of
research. Five of these notebooks have been published by Borderland
Sciences Research Foundation: Condensed Intro To Tesla Transformers;
Dielectric & Magnetic Discharges In Electrical Windings; Symbolic
Representation of Alternating Electric Waves; Symbolic Representation of
the Generalized Electric Wave (In Time); and The Theory of Wireless
Power. These books are all practical and engineering oriented.

The Alternating Electric Waves paper, presenting Eric's Four Quadrant
Theory of Electricity, was written after his discovery of how to
generate excess magnetizing power in an industrial situation (using
synchronous motors in a huge shipyard) and make the KVAR (Kilo Volt
Amperes Reactive) meter turn backwards. Eric discovered that these
industrial meters are pinned so that they will not turn backwards, but
they can be stopped, creating readily realizable savings for the

Further development of Eric's ideas has been presented at the U.S.P.A.
Conference in 1987 in his talk, Representations of Electric Induction,
which also included a demonstration of the Tesla One-Wire Transmission
of Electricity. The One-Wire Electric Transmission has direct
commercial applications in the realm of real full spectrum incandescent
lighting, which could be used in operating rooms, highway lighting,
schoolrooms, offices, etc.

In Eric's talk at the 1988 International Tesla Symposium he presented
the engineering mathematics to continue work on Tesla's oscillating
coils while shedding the misconceptions attached by modern physics which
have brought real research into Tesla to a dead halt. The engineering
mathematics developed by Eric will allow researchers to manufacture
coils with practical uses rather than just making sparks.

The broadcasting of electricity, distortion free worldwide radio
transmission, and single element full-spectrum incandescent lamps are
just a few of the spinoffs taken from the realm of abstraction and
brought to the reality of the lab bench by Eric's work, but perhaps the
most commercial of all is what Eric terms, "The Ultimate Sound System".
Eric has developed the principle and the first prototypes of distortion
free audio amplification. This discovery, if properly applied, has the
potential to revolutionize the entire audio industry, as well as the
reality of related spinoffs into the communications and power
transmission industries.

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