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technology is asocial

First of all technology does not save time. Every time we do things 5 min faster we fill the hole with babies. People go live far far from work and food because they have a car. It apparently just doesn't take long enough to get there for their feeling of time.

Second: technology does not make things better. Every time we do something 5 min faster the result will also be 5 min worse. Sometimes it's not obvious like a horse and carriage runs on grass and weeds not on oil, that just runs out some day. like we print bob Marley onto vinyl, clearly not as good as the real thing.

Third: Technology does not make life safe. We have this oil monopolists, gas taxes and record deals which is all bullshit. Oil for lead beans anyone? Nice nuke for desert?

Forth: Technology makes people asocial! You get unnatural competition between musicians but also between politicians, jokers and pretty much all other kinds of people. This is totally senseless nonsense. Woman should be sticking their nose in peoples private lives and gossip about them, this is an important feature of our society. Now they are looking at soap operas and stuff like Oprah? trapped? People know and discuss the whole cast of baywhach on first name basis but they don't even know who lives behind the door next to theirs? Not to mention what's behind door NR 3!

Fifth: Technology does not make communication any easier! On the contrary! I have discovered all of the above from my own frustration and overall decay of personality from using the Internet. If I erode any more I need a serial number.