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Fossilized bones of modern humans that are from one to four million years old have been discovered at several places in Africa, Italy and South America. Skeletons of modern homo sapiens have been discovered embedded in solid rock formed before mammals are believed to have existed. Fossilized human footprints were discovered by Professor J.F. Brown of Berea College, Kentucky in the 1880's at Big Hill in Jackson County, Kentucky in a carboniferous layer about 300 million years old. In 1938, Dr. Wilbur Burroughs of the geology department of Berea College discovered ten human footprints in the carboniferous sandstone of a farm belonging to Mr. O. Finnell in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Examination of the prints proved that they had not been carved, and microscopic counting of the sand in the prints showed it had been impacted as from the weight of a person.