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A new phone or is it a camera, and why isn't the salesman as smart as the phone?

I've been reviewing the various phone contracts I can sign up for, the more calling minutes in the bundle the bigger the discount on the device. The mms messages do come in bundles but they do not add to the value of the phone. I don't want to send mms becasue that has no text formating and it allows only 1 image per messag. Paying per 1 picture message is not intersting.

A WIFI and LAN enabled camera with FTP and gps would be nice, but I dont have the 3000 € Image

Everything there is to know about cams and more. Image
ImageCamera System
   ImageAD Converter
   ImageAF Assist Lamp
   ImageAF Servo
   ImageBurst (Continuous)
   ImageColor Filter Array
   ImageEffective Pixels
   ImageFill Factor
   ImageLag Time
   ImageManual Focus
   ImagePixel Quality
   ImageSensor Sizes
   ImageStorage Card
   ImageThumbnail Index
ImageDigital Imaging
   ImageColor Spaces
   ImageDigital Zoom
   ImageDynamic Range
   ImageNoise Reduction
   ImageSensitivity (ISO)
   ImageWhite Balance
   ImageAE Lock
   ImageAperture Priority
   ImageAuto Bracketing
   ImageExposure Compensation
   ImageFlash Output Compensation
   ImageRemote Capture
   ImageShutter Priority
   ImageTime Lapse
   ImageAspect Ratio
   ImageBarrel Distortion
   ImageChromatic Aberrations
   ImageDepth of Field
   ImageFocal Length
   ImageFocal Length Multiplier
   ImageImage Stabilization
   ImagePicture Angle
   ImagePincushion Distortion
   ImageSubject Distance