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Do your free energy beliefs have their only basis in other people's claims?

This seems to me an interesting question, "where do I base my believes upon", I have carefully ignored this so that everyone can make his or her own opinion but frankly they are mostly negative jet made with minimum effort.

So first lets have you understand you don't get any benefit of the doubt either. Lets turn the table around for a second here. You should be defending your opinion here as much as I do. If your opinion will eventually lead to global death, at massive scale you have more to answer for as I do. Are you seriously going to make one single opinion about all different free energy inventions? really?

I think you are the one who should explain why you think all of those inventors do not have what they say they have. Some example of a scam will not support such extreme generalisations at all, you get to answer the question on a per case basis. It is my strong believe that if Jack is running a scam this does not mean John is. If you don't agree with this and desire to extend this (nonsense) to Jim and Charley then declare an absolute conclusion then that can only mean you get to explain what the f you are on about.

The people who are trying to accomplish it, they are the worthy researchers. It really doesn't matter if they had success or not. If you want to claim the impossibility of some one's work YOU get to explain why something is impossible. Not having the data makes your opinion inferior relative to having the data. There is no value in uninformed opinions, not even a million of them.

The impossible is kind of hard to make evident. It would take only ONE inventor to disprove the assumption of impossibility and there are hundreds of inventors. I absolutely don't believe anything is possible, that why I just go do it THIS seems to me the way to find out.

Listen to me,
Those septics have no morals what so ever, they call people scams without supplying any evidence for it. This is a given fact.

Meanwhile those same people think it's impossible to cover something up because they think people have such enormous moral standards.

I ask you: Who writes this stuff!! HAHAHAHA

If you ask them about ANY technology they say "oh, that was a scam", they don't have any explanation for it but hey you take their word for it - uh?

How does the tech work you ask them? "easy, it doesn't exist, didn't I just explain it was a scam?" (gets angry)

Then you ask if this was their life's work, would they be happy with their own review of it? They reply: "yes, if I was running a scam they should lock me up!"

Then we go back to asking why is it a scam, "you ask me circular questions !!"

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! It's totally senseless!! It's drone's gone wild !!! beep beep !!! ROFL!!! beep beep beep!!

I tell you what,
this is our planet and if you are not going to look after it we really don't need you on it or do we?! I will save the world and I specially don't want any-one's help, before you know it you have a team of spineless zombies for "assistance".

Please do laugh at me all you like but but but ... don't get in my way! I'm not going to stop for anything!

So, for as far as you have figured out up to now there are no magnetic motors.

So, that means you get to be the first to build one! HURRAY!!

Think back! 4 or 5 years old you first studied a magnet and you naturally thought you could build a space ship with that. You was amazed that such crazy material exists. At that age a human is so intelligent he or she can master an entire language in 2 years. Of course knowledge is limited but we have an enormous simulator in our head and an extreme knowledge of how the forces of moving masses and gravity works. Newtonian physics is laughable compared to that.

If you need more clue as that before you start digging you are being awfully cruel to the clue. You get to invent it for us! Don't you see how exiting that is?

Don't think anyone will listen when you succeed tho! After all you are just another scam right? Sure you are, you haven't even started and everyone know it already.

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