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50 cc Cadillac

Say we take a "normal" car take out the gear box and throw it away. Then put a compressed air assembly in there. The motor may run all day but for driving we only use the compressed air.
Using a cone shape at the front of the vehicle already brings the air up to pressure. This is normally an annoyance but if you plan on compressing air you may as well start with using the compressed air already there. Almost all of the energy lost is from the friction with air, the drag on our vessel. It's about time we start using this enormous well of potential in stead of trying to push it aside.

By creating a regenerative breaking system the rest of the energy lost can also be redirected back into the vehicle.

The carbon layered air tank doesn't have to be that big at all. Neither does the compressed air powered motor.

As a result of this the car needs a smaller engine, by having the engine run all day we effectively eliminate the cold start ending the fuel efficiency questions permanently. But to run the engine all day at it's most efficient speed would generate far to much compressed air for just a bit of driving.

So you would either have to dump the compressed air in a silo every X hours put up a generator and power your house, or use a smaller engine.

From 0 to 100 in 8 seconds with a 50 cc extended Cadillac.

I will even put Dolby digital surround under the hood so that it sounds better as a real engine. WROEMMM WROEMMM

The average car/van driver in the UK would do a total number of 399
trips of all lengths in 2004. The distribution of distances among
these trips was:

- Under 1 mile ........... 27 trips
- 1 to under 2 miles ..... 67 trips
- 2 to under 5 miles ..... 132 trips
- 5 to under 10 miles .... 84 trips
- 10 to under 25 miles ... 63 trips
- 25 to under 50 miles ... 17 trips
- 50 to under 100 miles .. 7 trips
- 100 miles and over ..... 3 trips

This means that of 399 trips (=100%), 389 trips (=97.49%) were under
50 miles, while only 10 trips (=2.51%) were over 50 miles.
Google Answers: Car usage in UK

So, say an hour per day should be enough, this leaves us with an air compression/ usage ratio of 24/1. This lack of size and a constant supply of heat allows us to fit a Sterling engine under the hood and get thousands of kilometers or miles for each liter or gallon.

As we have now lost the fuel tank and 23/24 of the volume of our combustion engine the Sterling engine may be relatively enormous and still continue to be of use.