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chronos3 - Magnet Motors list

Magnet Motors
Arthur Powell, Drumright, Oklahoma. U.S. Patent #1,835,721 Dec. 8, 1931
J.W. Puysa, Hollywood, California U.S. Patent #1,963,213 (contains features adaptable to permanent magnet motors)
Harry L. Worthington, San Francisco, California U.S. Patent # 1,859,643 May 24, 1932 and other patent #s.)
Harper’s Magazine, 1879; “The Theosophist” Nov. 1879, pgs. 54-56 (Peregrinus’ design?)
Georges H. Bougon. U.S. Patent #1,859,764 May 24, 1932
(an article states that all of the above patent #s have passed into “Public Property” status for not having been implimented within 17 years of the patent date)
John Gulley The Flux Amplifier Generator
Bob Teal “ ‘Impossible’ Engine Invented for Real” Los Angeles Times Sun, May 30, 1976
Magnapulsion U.S. Patent #4,024,421 May 17, 1977(Benjiman R. Teal)
Magnetically Operable Engine U.S. Patent #4,093,880 June 6, 1978
Donald A. Kelley Magnetic Wheel Drive U.S. Patent #4,179,633 Dec. 18, 1979
Donald A. Kelley Magnetic Torque Multiplier U.S. Patent #4,167,684 Sept. 11, 1979
Donald A. Kelley Magnetic Torque Converter U.S. Patent #4,082, 969 Apr. 4, 1978
“A Permanent Magnetic Motor and Generator” E. R. Stokle (sic?) Scientific American June 8, 1912, pg. 519
“Motors in Which Magnets Attract Other Magnets in Perpetual Motion” Jearl Walker Scientific American pg 142-etc. (date unknown, appears to be 1982 or after?)
Peter Peregrinus 1269 A.D., translated by Sylvanus P. Thompson, on file in N.Y. Public Library
“Designing a Magneto-Kinetic Energy Generator” Invention Intelligence (India), April, 1977 pg. 227-229
Raymond Kromney Electric Generator U.S. Patent #3,374,376
Albert Roy Davis Reseach Laboratory Diamagnetic/Gravitational Interrelationship Effect Wass. J., March 1985
“Thermomechanical Curie Convertor” M.P. George, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
Wesley W. Gary Harper’s New Monthly Mag. March 1879, pgs. 601-605
Jack E. Horner Reciprocating Motor With Magnetic Drive Means U.S. Patent #3,636,391 Jan. 18, 1972
Zane Chardrick Kininski Rotary-To-Reciprocating Device U.S. Patent #3,811,058 May 14, 1974
Howard R. Johnson Permanent Magnet Motor U.S. Patent #4,151,431 Apr. 24, 1979
John W. Eclkin Permanent Magnet Conversion Device U.S. Patent #3,879,622 Apr. 22, 1975 Robert W. Kinnison Permanent Magnet Motion Conversion Means U.S. Patent # 3,899, Aug. 12, 1975
J. William Putt Energy Conversion System U.S. Patent #3,992,132 Nov.16, 1976
J. William Putt Magnetic Apparatus for Producing Movement U.S. Patent #4,249,115 Feb. 3, 1981
Harold W. Scholin Apparatus Using Variations In Magnetic Force To Reciprocate A Linear Actuator U.S. Patent #4,011,477 Mar. 8, 1977
Device for Producing Electrical Energy U.S. Patent #4,237,391 Dec. 2, 1980
Electric Machine, Especially Small Motor U.S. Patent #4,237,397 Dec. 2, 1980
Setsuo Kuroki Magnetic Motor U.S. Patent #4,305,024 Dec. 8, 1981
J.E. Jines, et al Means for Shielding and Unshielding Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Motors Using Same U.S. Patent #3,469,130 Sept. 23, 1969
Francis R. Sheridan Reciprocating Magnet Motor U.S. Patent #3,609,425
Daniel Baker Magnetic Propulsion Device
Frank B. Richardson Electromagnetic Convertor With Stationary Variable-Reluctance Members U.S Patent #4,077,001 Feb. 28, 1978
Doy Presley Magnetic Motor Having Rotating And Reciprocating Permanent Magnets U.S. Patent #4,196,365 Apr. 1, 1980
Leonard C. Czerniak Permanent Magnet Motor U.S. Patent #3,935,487 Jan. 27, 1976
Charles Dana Schwebel Electric Current Generator U.S. Patent #3,424,931 Jan. 28, 1969

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