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Low core loss rotating flux transformer

A transformer utilizing a rotating flux for saturating the entire core. The transformer uses a core configured such that a vector sum of the induction produced by two windings in the core rotates through This is accomplished by arranging the component induction vectors to be perpendicular and the source voltages associated with each of the component induction vectors to be out of phase. If the inductions are of equal magnitude and the vector sum is sufficient to saturate the core, rotation of the vector sum saturates the entire core and the transformer experiences a very low or nearly negligible hysteresis losses. Various topological configurations for the core, including a toroid, are described. The transformer windings can be arranged for single, two-phase, three-phase, or multi-phase operation.

Patent number: 4595843
Filing date: May 7, 1984
Issue date: Jun 17, 1986
Inventors: Robert M. DelVecchio, Robert F. Krause
Assignee: Westinghouse Electric Corp.
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