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Jack W. Hildenbrand

My name is Jack W. Hildenbrand. I am 62 years old. Before I go any further, it would be greatly appreciated and perhaps could be beneficial to our country, if you would read this letter in full. About 15 years ago I was involved in a work related accident, evolving getting hit in the back of my head by a heavy industrial door. Well it left me intermittently paralyzed for several years and leaving me with severe headaches due to a birth defect call Chiari Malformation of the skull. I also had arthritis in both my knees and both my shoulders. I currently have had my left knee totally replaced. The accident automatically put me into the State Disability Act and I have been unable to obtain a job ever since. The paralyzing effect lasted for years but the headaches and arthritis continues. I can only be on my feet for about three to four hours at a time. With very little money I decided to install a small machine shop in my garage. I had been working on a magnetic holding device many years ago and I figured it would be a good time to continue working on it, as it would help keep my mind alert and my hand and eye co-ordination in tact. I experimented with the device for several years and have finally got it working the way I wanted. This device increases the holding power of an electro magnet to four times its original powerand it also provides a way to turn a permanent magnet on/off to any external metal objects. After experimenting with this new device I realized that it could also be used to generate power as in a motor. I then spent time building a test device to see if this could be used to power an electric motor. The first motor I built was very small but worked exceptionally well. It produced about 1/16 hp and turned around 6000 rpm. This motor proved to be very efficient, using only about 600 ma at 36 vdc. I even noticed with this motor that when the rpm was loaded down to around 500 rpm that the current did not increase much. The amps did not increase much above 1 amp. Now if you compare this to any current dc motor of comparable size, on motor loading, the amps jumped up to around 20 amps. I have since built two more motors of much larger size. One producing around 1/8 hp and a full radial motor that also produces around 1/8 hp. These larger motors have the very same characteristics as the small motor. Their current draw is very stable throughout the rpm range. I have filed four patents at this point on the two different holding devices, the motor, a new more efficient valve and I am currently pursuing a generator patent using the same technology.

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