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Harry Paul Sprain magnet motor

The input power is 1.9 watts and the output rotational force is 7Nm at 10 radians per second or 7watts. The electro magnet uses 19.6 volts @ 1.2 amps for 28 ms or .658 watts per pulse. It spins at 95.4 rpm and makes 1.59 rev per sec. There are 2 magnets on the rotor, so the EM fires 2 times per rotation. 2 X 1.5 rps = 3 pulses per sec. Or a total input of 1.974 watts. I decided to upload this video because of all the comments about the first video being edited. Here is another movie where I walk all around the machine to show that video is NOT edited in anyway. The wire from the electromagnet is connected to a power supply. The mechanical rotational force of the rotor creates more watts per second than the electromagnet consumes. The device on top is a digital torque sensor to measure the Nm force under a load. The device under the table is a digital encoder to read the position of the rotor to fire the electromagnet at the right time.
YouTube - Harry Paul Sprain magnet motor 2007

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