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The new scientific method

Good, now that we have successfully used the scientific method for a long time it's time for something new.

The old method was all about eliminating bad looking evidence in favor of things that look good. An assumption that may lead to an above average chance for success but it really doesn't say anything substantial about the substance of the topic. It's a judgement based on faith alone, now this proved to be most useful and to the point. But we should also refer to it as the short way. There also is a long way of course.

It's a bit chicken to stay in the domain of things we already know and think of your research as innovation.

So the new scientific method is all about looking for good excuses to research something that has as little rational values as imaginable by the researcher.

The research should not live up to any expectations neither should it have any goal of any kind. Reading the previous art one should favor the oldest or even the most vague documents available. That's the stuff no one looked at jet.

Everything that was unattractive in the old scientific method is attractive in the new and visa versa. Write a short paper some day, and look at the horror on peoples faces when you explain the impossible. Or fail to explain something simple using way to much words mostly evading the subject. Go try do the math on a poem. I can assure you everyone will be amazed whatever you come up with. It's new and hip. Just do what you always do and try to get it really wrong. Imagine what fun you would have. And you will of course discover new things. Not like in the old method that we already know what we are looking for. That kills the whole adventurous part.

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