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Naveen C Nandakumar magnetic scooter

Thrissur, May 8: Believe it or not, a man in Thrissur District of Kerala has developed a two-wheeler scooter that runs on magnetic power.

It takes just an ordinary battery to start the scooter and the rest is done by the inbuilt magnetic mechanism, which enables the scooter to run at a speed of 25 to 45 kilometers per hour. It's noise and pollution free.

"It doesn't cause any air or noise pollution. This kind of technology can be very useful for our country and this motivated me to create it," said the 27-year-old Naveen C, the inventor.

He holds a diploma in computers but could not pursue a career in electronic engineering due to personal problems.

But Naveen prepared his scooter using a 25-year-old Chetak two-wheeler scooter. He removed its petrol tank and fixed a magnetic mechanism. It took him seven years to prepare his dream scooter which cost around 20,000 rupees.

Naveen claims that the technology used in his scooter can be used in any vehicle with very little changes. The magnetic power reduces if the scooter is used for a long period. But it can be retrieved in no time.

The scooter named "7th" by Naveen, doesn't require recharging.

Hailing from Thrissur's Chellakara area in Kerala, Naveen has become a talk of the town after his invention.

"In the present scenario when petroleum prices are soaring high, this is a very good invention by Naveen, I really appreciate him for this," said Dr. Krishnamany, a villager

"He has developed this scooter using limited resources available in his house which will become a useful product for the entire nation and our entire village will support him," said C. Nandakumar, another villager.

Naveen has applied to patent his scooter and is open to share his innovation with any vehicle company approaching him. But it has to be an Indian company, he says.

Now, a scooter that runs on magnetic power

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